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Rental & Adoption FAQs [maggie]

Postby maggie » Mon Jun 21, 2010 10:50 am

1. What is Free Adoption?
When you apply for a free domain adoption, the domain is transferred to you. you become the owner. after that, you will have to take care of the renewal fees yourself.

2. What is Paid Rental?
By applying for paid rental you will pay $1 per month. I can find you a host and design your website for free if you want. you can see example designs from me here and here.

3. Could you compare them?
Free Adoption
You are the owner
You pay the renewal
You linkback to me

Paid Rental
I stay the owner
You only pay $1 monthly
No linkback needed
I find you a host and design your site (optional)

4. Is there any way I can have the domain without paying?
Yes, you can have the domain for 1 month without paying anything. after that, you'll have to pick one of the plans or give back the domain.

5. Can I have more than one domain?
You can adopt or rent more than one domain, but you cannot if you're trying the 1-month plan.

6. Is everyone accepted?
Yes, no restrictions at all.

7. Where do I apply?
simple, just send me a Private Message(PM) with the following information according to the plan you choose.

Free Adoption
Name: Your Name Username: Here
Domain I wish to adopt:
* make sure you type your Username correctly

Paid Rental
Name: Your Name
Do you want me to find you a host? Yes/No
Do you want me to design for you? Yes/No
Domain I wish to rent:
* you can pay monthly, every 3 months or yearly

1-Month-Free Trial
Name: Your Name
Domain I wish to try:

Important Note
* Free adoption is available to people who already have a account(it's free to register), If you want the domain transferred to another registrar, you'll have to pay for the transfer fee. but you never pay for the domain itself.
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The Rent Out began in June 2010. It is a cluster of rental (adoption) domain listings. Various members display domains for rent. Many rentals are free, and include hosting. Each domain listing has its own terms/conditions.


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