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Rules and FAQ [Updated 02/17/2011]

Paid and free domain rentals from Hatsukoi

Rules and FAQ [Updated 02/17/2011]

Postby hatsukoi » Thu Jan 20, 2011 8:26 pm


1. You are free to use the domain as you will, but I will not accept commercial (you can negotiate with me) or illegal sites.
2. Link back to me on every page.
3. Keep in contact with me at least once a month (i.e commenting on my website).


What's the difference between free and paid rental?
Free: No charge. I stay the owner. No hosting included.
Paid: Pay yearly. I still remain the owner. Hosting included.

How much are the paid rentals?
$10.00/yr for one. -SALE-
$12.00/yr for two. -SALE-

Any prerequisites?
None at all. I will accept everyone.

Where do I apply?
Just PM me with the following:

Free or Paid:
Desired Domain:

How do I pay?
When you PM, I will send you an invoice to your e-mail through PayPal.

Will you ever demand to have your domain back?
Maybe. It will happen very rarely.

Are any domains for sale?
Yes, they can be bought. They cost $5, but after that, you have to pay the renewal fees yourself. No hosting included.
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The Rent Out began in June 2010. It is a cluster of rental (adoption) domain listings. Various members display domains for rent. Many rentals are free, and include hosting. Each domain listing has its own terms/conditions.


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