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Frequently Asked Questions and Terms

Postby fluttery » Sat Jun 11, 2011 10:11 am

There are two types of plans you may opt for:

Free – You get the use of the domain for free. You will not be in control of the domain. If you need to make any changes, such as the change of nameservers, you will have to do it through me. You are required to link back to me on at least one page.

Paid – If you want to own the domain, I will put it up on the Namecheap Marketplace and you will purchase it from there. You will need a free Namecheap account for this. You will have to pay the cost of the domain, and any renewal fees thereafter. You will have full control of the domain. You will not need to link back to me.

Terms for Free:

You must update at least once every month. I understand that real-life priorities can be daunting, so send me an email if you need to take a little break, and we can discuss it further.
Please note that most free hosts will have different requirements, and you will need to follow their rules for updating, and mine as well.

You cannot use the domain to share content. By this I mean you cannot distribute copyrighted content such as movies, music and the like.

You cannot use the domain for pornography or obscene content.

You cannot post illegal/racist/discriminatory/anything along those lines content on your website.

I will conduct weekly checks and if any of the above are found on your website, I will immediately revoke your use of the domain.

I don’t expect you to have superb ninja skills at coding and design, but I would expect you to know what you are doing, at least. Please provide at least one graphic/website example when you apply.

You are required to link back to me on at least one page.

Terms for Paid:

You are responsible for the domain you have bought, including renewal fees and the like.

You do not need to link back to me on your site, nor do you have to provide a graphic/website example when you apply.

If you run into any legal trouble, you are on your own. You are the owner of the domain, and I cannot be held responsible for the things you choose to put on your website.


I cannot provide hosting. If you need it, I can provide a list of free and paid hosts that I think are good, but I will not take responsibility for any problems you may have with a host I recommended.


If you are interested, please PM me the following. Please note I may take a few days to reply.

Domain that you are interested in:
Graphic/website example (Free only):
Type of website (blogs/portfolio/etc) (Free only):
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The Rent Out began in June 2010. It is a cluster of rental (adoption) domain listings. Various members display domains for rent. Many rentals are free, and include hosting. Each domain listing has its own terms/conditions.


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